Monday, August 4, 2014

Let the Spirit be your guide!

Hola Fam!!

So I love Hermana Villena so much! It has been an incredible week. I have learned so much from her, and am so blessed to have 5 more weeks with her! Sorry this is going to be a little short this week since we have to go to Piura today! She has a doctor appointment, and then tomorrow in the morning we have consejo de líderes in la casa de la mision, so that works out. And tonight we get to stay in la casa de la mision and have noche de hogar with pres and sister rowley! We are excited for that. :)

I love how when we teach, hna Villena lets the spirit teach more. There are so many moments of silence, and the spirit is so strong in these moments. Especially as we have taught Juan, we have been able to fnid out his doubts, his questions, and his concerns, as we waited and listened. It´s so important! Its what Christ did, and thats what we should too. We found Juliana this week, she is so fun and full of questions and so interesting in finding out for herself if these things are true! She asked why isnt the book of mormon more known throughout the world. Thats a good question! Well each day millions of missionaries and members go out, talking to people about this book, and so I think its becoming more and more well known each day! Lets keep helping the world know of the great news that we have! :)

Another thing she has taught me is to have a question every time I read the book fo mormon! I have done that this week, and its crazy to find out but not surprising, that every last one has been answered!!  So ask a question before you read, and you'll find your answer. .) 

I had the chance this week to have an exchange (is that what its called?) with Hermana Pleitez. She  is from el salvador, and it was great! She came here to our area, and I love how simply and clearly she teaches. Sometimes we try to fluff things up, or add unneeded information, but teaching clearly and simply and by the spirit is what the savior did, so thats what we should do too. Im so tahnkful for her, and especialy for the lesson we had with Deisy , a less active member. She wont tell us exactly why she doesnt want to go to chruch, but I know little by little the Lrod is softening her heart to whatever happened. We taught about the atonement, and she said she didnt understand. Hna Pleitez explained so simply and clearly what Christ did for us. And then we could see she understood. I know christ lives, and that he lived, suffered, and died for us, so we can be healed and return to live with him! What joy this sentence gives, I know that my redeemer lives!

Love yall tons. Have fun in the water and the sun! :) Be sure to eat lots of licorice and wheat thins and all those other fun snacks mom always packs. :) Lets get to work, and do it by the spirit!
love yall!
hna Garlick

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