Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Think before you pray, then think to pray, then afteryou pray , think again:)

Hi family!

I hope yall got all the pics! It sure has been another great week! Full of miracles and learning and working and traveling. I love all of it! Im reading in Alma right now. I loved the verse in alma 42:1, and how Alma just couldn´t rest! That´s how I feel. There is just so much to do! Work now, sleep later like dad told me. :) We need to keep moving!

Highlight of the week was definitly going to Tumbes! I was in Puyango, with Hermana Gozán, and Hermana Ziegner, who she is training! (so she is my grandaughter in the mission:) :) It was so great! I loved seeing just how much hna Gozan has grown and improved. She is such a powerful missionary. We were in a lesson with Carmen, an investigator. When she invited her to be baptized, the spirit was so strong. She teaches so boldly and powerfully. She is also a really great companion for Hna Ziegner, and helping her with Spanish! I totally remember my 4 week mark and being so frustrated and just wanting to be able to speak! Hna Ziegner is doing so well, is working so hard, and is able to talk really well! They are seeing miracles in puyango, and havnet had baptisms there fora  while, but recently have had 2! The lord has his timing. 

Miracle of the week was having Diesi AND shirly come to church this week! They are 2 less active members that we have been teaching, and always say they will come, but never do. Well this week was different. We left to visit with Deisy, and helped her feel more loved and needed! And with shirly we really listened to her in the lesson, and because of some hard things in her life, she was crying pretty hard. We got up and hugged her really big. Really its the small and simple things that can change someones heart. 

Ive been reading my patriarchal blessing every day, and its so neat! I used to once a month, or once a week, but every day as we eat breakfast, it really has been a blessing to have this blessing more on my mind. It changes my attitude and behavior, and has helped me improve my prayers too. I love in preach my gospel how it talks about the importance of personal revelation, and in preparing for and meditating after prayer. It really has a greater impact when we do it like that! 

Well IUve got 45 seconds to go, oops! love you all! dad have a super happy birthday tomorrow!!! hip hip hurray!!! :) 

with lots and lots of love,
Hnaita Garlick

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