Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"Heavenly Father trusts those with the truth who wil share it." -Pres. Uchtdorf

Mi Querida Familia!!!

So I just had a panic attack and thought I had five minutes left, but just realized that I reeally have 30! haha So sorry for the super rushed replies to your emails. haha  I love running to buy fruit from the market each monday morning! and then I run back with it all in both arms. its a great work out jared and dallin, yall should run to HEB for mom before seminary, and you will save gas too!

It was SUCH a great week! Seriously! I say that every week, but this week really was. Here is why:

First off, we laughed lots. The first reason was because I had a dream that I looked at our cellphone, and the background was changed to a picture of Grandma Garlick with another grandma, and they had on extra large fake noses! That sure made me wake up laughing. The other was that we thought the power went out in our room since the light didnt turn on where the door is, and our house is super long and dark. So i had to run in screaming until the kitchen to turn the light on. It was super funny. We laughed so hard. Our neighbor thinks we are crazy I think. But then we sing hymns and its all good again. :)

This week we got to teach seminary three times!! It was so great. I loved it. We were able to tie in the missionary lessons into these chapters in the book of mormon. It was incredible, as we were teaching, memories were flooding back from everything I learned in seminary. Im so thankful for all my teachers and all they taught me. I dont know how many times i said, when I was in seminary, my teacher taught me... or something like that. I know those years in young womens is such important preparation time for life. So everyone go to seminary! Its the best! Maybe I will be a teacher one day. That would be really fun. 

I had the opporuntity to serve with Hna Cisneros this week! She and Hna Garner traveled from Tumbes to be with us! So we were all four together, except for when we went out to teach. Hna Cineros is from ecuador and so sincere and selfless. The members that visited with us felt so loved, she asked ALL about them and was such a great example to me of forgetting yourself. All of our appointments might have fallen through, but we were able to be led to two other families who want to receive our message! It was incredible this day, because hna Villena and I decided to fast. Fasting really works. I felt an added strenght, power, help, and guide to teach, talk, and remember all I needed too. Hna Villena told me the same happened with her. Fasting and prayer are like a piano, you have the white keys and teh black ones. With just the white keys or prayer, you can make some beautiful music, and see blessings, but with the black keys, or fasting, you can see miracles and an added level of beauty to the song. 

There was a Funeral this week, and I of course played the piano like I do for everything. I was thankful for this opportunity. I love to share my testimony through music. I still remember when nate helped me at byu prepare to play my piano solo my last sunday in my ward there. You told me, dont play the notes, play what they mean. Well thats what I always do now, and I love it. It may just be the basic hymns in the hymn book, but I feel the spirit each time as I play as I play what I know is true. In the funeral, surprise, a dog ran in! Its like my fourth time with a dog in the chapel on my mission. And it is one of the dogs here that doesnt have fur. Everyone calls them feo, or ugly, because its true. They are called viringos. And I was talking to a member afterwards, and they explained to me about them. They are considered holy! They suck away any sickness, or sadness, or problem that we have, and take that upon them themselves. Wow, when I heard that I just was in aw. Thats why elderly people have them, and why they let it enter in there. In a way, they are like Jesus Christ. He took upon himself every sickness, problem, and sin that we have had or will have. Im so thankful for the atonement. And Im just a little more thankful for these dogs now. Look what understanding does!

Sundays are always the best. playing prelude the kids come up and want to play too. This week instead of wispering to them to go sit down, I took their fingers one by one and play the hymn with the right hand and do the left hand jared taught me that works with any hymn. :) they love it! great news at church too, we got a mission leader en la rama talara altar! Gustavo! woohoo! We are excited to get working with him. 

Then comes the miracle! zuly was walking down the street, and stopped us, with all her laundry falling out of her arms. She said she listened to all the lessons from the sisters in talara baja, and is reading in 2 nefi 20, and went to church lots of times, and wants to be baptized!! the reference never got passed after she moved, but Heavenly Father made sure we were in teh exact right spot at the exact right time to be able to meet her!! she has 6 kids and is separated from her husband. God really is a god of miracles!

The atonement carries me every day, it carries all of us! I am so thankful for Christ, and for the sacred responsibility heavenly father has entrusted with me-preaching the restored gospel of jesus christ. He has trusted all of us with something so precious, the truth! And he has done that because he knows that we will share it. So lets just do it. It doesnt matter how simple the effort is, each day we can shine the light of the truth to all! So go for it! and we will stick it.

Ready for another great week! last one of the transfer, and last one with hna Villena before she goes home! Next week Ill be writing with my new companion! so crazy. Ready for the best week of our lives.:)

Los amo muchooo
Hermana Garlick

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