Monday, September 29, 2014

"La obediencia es vivir el evangelio con gozo." -Pres. Uchtdorf

My dear family!!!

I sure have lots to tell yall this week! Hope I can type fast enough and that the keyboard keeps up this week. :) Super busy and super blessed. Here we go..

First off, for exchanges! I forgot to write about last week too. Last week I got to be with Hermana Hualinga for a day! I sure have learned lots from this sister, and I keep learning more. The greatest thing I have learned is charity and love. When we have that, we can be happy, when we dont, well we are not. It was great seeing her progress and the missionary she is becoming. I loved in the womens conference the talk by persidnet uchtdorf about obedience. I was thinking a lot about what he said, how obedience is to joyfully live the gospel. The purpose of life is to have joy, 2 nefi 2:25, and to have true joy that means we need to be obedient. So really the purpose of life is to live the gospel happily, and when we are able to do that we can find even more joy and happiness than ever before.
 And then for this week I got to have a work visit with Hermana Castro!! I remember the first exchange with her, it was the 2nd week of her mission. She has learned so much and is so great at making contacts in the street. We had such a great expereince teaching an investigator, Siliva. She is catholic, but really wants to know if this church is true. Hna Castro pulled out a book of mormon, to give her, and explained how it is thorugh reading and praying about this book you can know if the church is true and if joseph smith is a profeta. Silivia is about 50 years old and is so cute. And when she saw that we were giving her a libro de mormon, she through her arms up and shouted with joy!!! hahah she said it was an answer to her prayers, and that she was wanting one of those! It made us all laugh so hard, and it is the happiest i have ever seen anyone receive a book of mormon. I will remember that moment forever, and every time i read this book i will try t have that same excitement, because its true!

Our mulit-zone conference was so so great! All about learning to trust in and follow the spirit, because this is the Lords work! President Rowley is so inspired and full of this spirit, when you talk to him he transmits the spierit of the lord through his eyes. I want to strive to have that same spirit too. Giving my last testimony made everything just sink in a little bit, that my time as a full time missionary is getting clsoe to its end! I am so thankful for the testimony of this gospel, and how in this past 15 months I have been able to add to it each day. I know that Christ lives and loves me, and that´s why Im here and keep serving, because everyone needs and deserves to feel this love too! My faith has been strengthened so much, especailly through the experiences of others. Like hna Macias for example. She is a convert of 2 years, and is so powerful! Her dad died when she was 11, and she transmits happiness and truth to everyone, because she knows its true. Also, Zuly, an investigator, shared some life experiences of how she was able to develop faith in God, and through this time with the passing of her mom. I am so thankful for these incredible examples of faith. 

Things are progressing here! We now have a mission leader in both branches, and our branch councils have been going so much better. We are getting more organized too, teaching in the different branches all of different days, and are being more efficient with always having members too. 

So eleccions for all of peru are this saturday and sunday!! There is a law that all churches are closed. So....we wont be having church, and we wont be seeing Gerneral conference! yeah, i know! But we will be seeing it the 11th and 12th. So please dont give everything away in your emails this week.:) 
Other news is that serpost, the post office wehre teh mail comes into piura, is on strike!! so we cant receive any letters or packages. Until this ends. So jsut keep the emails coming, and maybe one day ill get the letters. : ) thanks for seding htem anyways! 

love yall lots! have a wonderful week and let your light shine through, because la verdad brilla! :)
Hermana Garlick

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