Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Let's Go and Do, Not Sit and Stew!

Dearest family!!

Lots of great news and great things happening!! It was a wonderful and full week too. :)

Where to start? Last week with Hermana Villena. The time with her was sure sweet! She will always be a great friend. another crazy fast 6 weeks. And onto the next here in Talara with Hermana Macias!!! :) with accent on the i but I cant figure out how to do that on this keyboard. :) She is from MEXICOOO!! And is super fun and outgoing and ready to work! Hermana Gutierrez trained her the same time I trained hna Gozan! And President Rowely changed some things. Now, just Im a sister leader, not my companion! And we wont be traveling to Tumbes. So we will visit the 2 other companionships of sisters here in Talara, and we will do 2 intercambios with each of them so that I will be with each of them once! Its super different and interesting, but I know it is through revelation that president made these changes. Im excited to keep serving and keep going and doing! I love the attitude of Nefi in nefi  capitulo 3. He really didnt know why or how he was going to keep the commandments of God, but he knew hed prepare away, so he just did it! So Im ready to do what the Lord commands. 

We had leader council this week, and once again it was incredible. President talked a lot about the need for increased emphasis in family history, and the need to help all we are teaching make accounts and get going on this! So we are doing it. Also we talked a lot about the importance of weekly planning and daily planning. I loved before the mission listening to mom and dad sunday night plan their week out. Being united in a plan and then fulfilling the plan during the week to accomplish our goals really is how we can see miracles and progress. So we are working on that too--improving our planning sessions and making sure that every act during the week helps us accomplish these plans and goals using every minute wisely. 

We had a sweet experience Sunday. We always make a plan in the morning before church at 8, and then again at 10 for the other branch, to go and pick up investigators or less active members. Well, for some reason I felt we should go to pick up a second counselor of talara alta. Well, we did, and actually woke him up! His whole family came to church with us. Later in consejo de rama, he shared how thanks to the sisters, he was at church, how he had worked all night and slept in his church close, and our knock got him and his fam up. I know that as we fast and pray the spirit can really guide us to do what we need to do. 

Way to go Jared in getting your eagle scout!! loved seeing all those pictures and am so blessed to have such incredible examples in my life. My brothers are the best. 

I love here how there are little stores everywhere! LIke every 5 houses has a store with all your basic needs. What we need is always close by! Im going to start a store in our front porch too. 

Love yall tons!! have a wonderful week, and I will too with my new companion!!! Go and do!!!

Hermana Garlick

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