Monday, September 22, 2014

There are no real endings, only everlasting beginnings!

Hola Familia,

Wow, what a week. Thanks so much for your prayers, they sure are boosting me along. We had a great experience in the week with fasting, and knocking into the door of Nely, a less active member that recently moved here! Prayer really works.

Hna Macías is the best! she is from augas calientes. She teaches the doctrine with so much power. we have lots of fun together, reminds me of being with you jess and kell :) 

Grandma Marlene´s funeral sounds like it was so incredible and spiritual. I sure want to hear that song yall sang that you wrote Nate! We also had an investigator, Zuly, loose her mom this week. We were there for her, and bore testimony of the plan of salvation, and of the power and peace of prayer. Being far I have sure been able to feel peace through prayer. I know we are all part of a great plan of happiness, and I am so thankful Grandma M was part of our plan of happiness. I love how this life is not really an end, its really the start! like president uchtdorf said. She is just starting the next part of the journey, that we are all on.
Music and the spoken word also sounded super great. Thanks for the pictures! :) Music really has power. 

I love studying the scriptures and preach my gospel for an hour each morning. I love the part in pmg where it says, that the best way to help the people is to teach them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love that. We may think doing other things can help people, but helping them increase in knowledge of the gospel of jesus christ is how they can hop on the path to eternal life. and that's kind of important. 

Sure love y'all lots! I have my last multi zone conference this week. What?! Come what may and love it!
Hermana Garlick

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