Monday, October 27, 2014

We Can Take the Heat!

Mi familia!

It has been another great week! I love serving here in Talara, tierra del oro negro. :) My area or companion may not have changed, but there have been other changes! We rearranged our whole room, so that was fun, I felt like you makell. :) Its also getting hot again! But Im prepared and ready to drink lots of water. afterall doing gymnastics in the old non-AC gym on longmire sure helped me get prepared for this .:) Also, hna Meisel is the hna leader this transfer here in talara! Im so thnakful for this time I had to serve and am so happy for hna meisel, shes so great. She is also training too! A new sister from ecuador! 

Things re moving along here in Talara! We are doing divisions with the sisters  from both branches to help them do their visiting teaching! It´s helping lots to get them out there and get them motivated. I shared in relief society about the example of you mom, in going to Snook and never missing your visits. I sure hope it could help motivate them, because it sure motivates me. :) 

Sunday la familia olaya came to church!!! for the first time all together. Ana, is member, and her husband is reynaldo, and he isnt! but they still are not married but are working on that. Reynaldo asked so many questions in the classes and I am so thankful for this miracle that they came! after 4 months, they came! we were so happy. :) 

This week was carlos zapatas´s birthday! we bought him a doña pepa and sang to him. its a dessert they eat here in october! its good. 

Well, ready for another great week! Im so thankful to be a servant of the Lord. Find new ways each day to share the light of Christ! I know each one of us are needed. 

love yall soo much!
hna Garlick

Monday, October 20, 2014

Elder Grow comes to Peru!

The Joy just keeps getting Greater and Greater!


Im here to stay!! I´ll be here in Talara for my last transfer(6 weeks) of the mission! And with Hermana Macías. I am so excited and know there is more the Lord needs me to learn and do here in Talara alta and Bello horizonte. I love when Ammon tells king Lamoni he is there to serve, perhaps until the day he dies. Well thats what I said when I got to Talara, and well, its true! :) (dying meaning ending the mission.:) Im excited to see what other miracles the Lord is going to let me be a part of. 

I got the greatest news last monday. Hermana Rosas (my trainer) emailed me, and told me that la familia Bayona Benites from paita, got sealed in the temple, in ecuador! I couldnt hold back the tears as I read that! It was incredible being part of their baptism, but hearing that they are now eternally sealed together, Olga, bernabe, gustavo, jhairo, solay, diego, y elsa, for the eternities, just made my joy so much greater! I am so thankful for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and know it is true. I know that families can be together forever! I cant wait for the temple in Trujillo to be finished next year! So many more people will be able to go to the temple! It will only cost 30 soles, and take 3 or 4 hours! mas o menos 10 dollars. what a blessing! The work of salvation is hastening! 

This are going well here in Talara. Some members have started going through different trials and problems, and i know that satan is trying to tear apart these families. We are praying hard, and doing all we can to be instruments in teh hands of God to help all these sweet members and people here in talara! Keep them in your prayers. 

We had an incredible experience with Elder Grow! He came to our mission again and I was able to feel the spirit so strong. He taught us through his heart and the spirit, and said some things that really were able to touch my heart. I know Jesus Christ is who leads the is work, no one else, and that we are to do all we can to do it how he needs it to be done. We are making changes and increasing in faith as we keep inviting others to come to Christ!

I love going out with Rosa Manrique, she is a member who is so faithful. She said, ¨dont waste your time in your youth, the time goes fast.¨Welll,rosa, we are not wasting time! We need to do all we can all day and the Lord will raise us up higher. Love yall lots. here is an inspired poem i wrote from pres uchdorfs talk.

If i want it, get it
If I have it, share it,
If I believe it, be it
If I am it, love it!

Love yall lots and lots and lots.
havea  great week!

hna Garlick

ps dont send packages, they are all getting stuck in lima! but they said letters should still get all the way up here to piura. :)

ps we had a show de talentos and I played the piano for the elders playing the guitar, armies of helaman! it was great!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"God is at the helm and will stay there." Elder Ballard

Mi querida familia!

So great to hear from you all! family sure is the greatest, you all make me smile, especially little jake´s big smile with teeth now! It sure has been a good week. and here´s why!

First, it is rainy! that makes me so happy. well its just a drizzle in the mornings and evenings, but still it fun! its also cold and windy in the nights, good thing i have a good scarf from an investigator elsa, and that forever 21 wind jacket. :)

Also, José Bolo won the elections here in Talara! He was who we were rooting for. :) haha It was so weird not having church last sunday. I am so thankful for church! Yesterday was so incredible listening to General Conference!!! I learned so much and received so many answers. I loved what ELder Anderson said about sharing a scripture that you know is absolutely true. So i thought id send one that I studied this morning! it was in 2 Nephi 31 :20. I love how it talks about how we can endure to the end in our lives in order to gain eternal life!  I was pondering the phrase, word of christ. in chapter 32, it is plural and says words. That made me think, if christ had one word, what would it be? My mind went to grace. His divine means of help or strength through his love and atonement is who chirst is! So if we apply his grace each day, we can gain eternal life. I know that Christ lives and his grace is real! and its there for all who come unto him! so lets come unto christ each day in small and simple ways. 

This week I got to go on an exchange with Hermana Hood from Alpine, who knows the reneers, so thats fun! She is SO GREAT. Her laugh is so contagious, and is a living light of the gospel. Our appointments fell through, but as we were talking to the people the spirit guided us too, we found 2 new investigators! I know that God is incharge, hes at the helm and will guide us safely home. :)

Gloria, is doing well! Shes reading her book of mormon and praying, and has such good questions. I love questions because they open the door for revelation and answers. Im excited to see how things go this week and what new investigators we find! 

Well we got to run! Its the last week of the transfer, so next monday who knows if Ill be here in talara for my last transfer here in peru or not! but either way, i am so excited to keep serving the Lord, wherever I am! 

Love yall so so so much! más que arroz con pollo.
Hermana Garlick

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Multi Zone Conference!

Life is Like a Litter of Kittens, Ya Never Know What You're Going to Get.

What a week! first off happy birthday jared!! sweet 16! keep both hands on the wheel. :) hope you get your card one day!
This week I got to do a work visit with Hna Meisel! A super cute missionary from California. She is so great, and talks with so much love and sincerly. She really taught me to think more in the way I say things, to help them have more meaning. We were teaching Carlos, our recent convert in julio, about repentance and perdón, and she testified so simply and powerfully, and with so much love! Amor really is something inward that you can see outwardly in people. So Im thankful for her in helping me make this a new goal. :) Christ is the ultimo ejemplo de amor, so lets try to be more like him!
sorry for so much spanglish. my mind is like that right now.
So this week we went out back to our bathroom, and in a part of dirt in a little hole, was a cat, feeding her 5 kittens she had given birth too! It was so cute! we let them stay there but when we went back after studying, they were all gone! she had moved them inside the back of our washer outside! haha Hna macias put them in a box, but when we got back at night they were all gone too. Earlier this week I was starting to get annoyed at his cat because it was always out back. But it was just trying to find a safe place to have her babies! So next time you try to judge someone or a cat, dont do it, because we just dont know. 
We keep asking at the end of each lesson if there was anyone tha they know that we can teach. well we hadnt been having much success with this, but we kept doing it becuase pmg and presidente rowley keep saying we should! well finally wilmer, gave us a name, and that led us to 2 new invetigators, and then they led us to another! so being obedient works. when we are commanded to do something, just do it, because we WILL be blessed
i love the hymn we are all enlisted. it sure got me pumped up and comforted this week. Love the hymns! follow nates example and listen to them every day. :)
love yall have such a great week!!
love your sister in peru
hna Garlick