Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Life is Like a Litter of Kittens, Ya Never Know What You're Going to Get.

What a week! first off happy birthday jared!! sweet 16! keep both hands on the wheel. :) hope you get your card one day!
This week I got to do a work visit with Hna Meisel! A super cute missionary from California. She is so great, and talks with so much love and sincerly. She really taught me to think more in the way I say things, to help them have more meaning. We were teaching Carlos, our recent convert in julio, about repentance and perdón, and she testified so simply and powerfully, and with so much love! Amor really is something inward that you can see outwardly in people. So Im thankful for her in helping me make this a new goal. :) Christ is the ultimo ejemplo de amor, so lets try to be more like him!
sorry for so much spanglish. my mind is like that right now.
So this week we went out back to our bathroom, and in a part of dirt in a little hole, was a cat, feeding her 5 kittens she had given birth too! It was so cute! we let them stay there but when we went back after studying, they were all gone! she had moved them inside the back of our washer outside! haha Hna macias put them in a box, but when we got back at night they were all gone too. Earlier this week I was starting to get annoyed at his cat because it was always out back. But it was just trying to find a safe place to have her babies! So next time you try to judge someone or a cat, dont do it, because we just dont know. 
We keep asking at the end of each lesson if there was anyone tha they know that we can teach. well we hadnt been having much success with this, but we kept doing it becuase pmg and presidente rowley keep saying we should! well finally wilmer, gave us a name, and that led us to 2 new invetigators, and then they led us to another! so being obedient works. when we are commanded to do something, just do it, because we WILL be blessed
i love the hymn we are all enlisted. it sure got me pumped up and comforted this week. Love the hymns! follow nates example and listen to them every day. :)
love yall have such a great week!!
love your sister in peru
hna Garlick

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