Monday, October 20, 2014

The Joy just keeps getting Greater and Greater!


Im here to stay!! I´ll be here in Talara for my last transfer(6 weeks) of the mission! And with Hermana Macías. I am so excited and know there is more the Lord needs me to learn and do here in Talara alta and Bello horizonte. I love when Ammon tells king Lamoni he is there to serve, perhaps until the day he dies. Well thats what I said when I got to Talara, and well, its true! :) (dying meaning ending the mission.:) Im excited to see what other miracles the Lord is going to let me be a part of. 

I got the greatest news last monday. Hermana Rosas (my trainer) emailed me, and told me that la familia Bayona Benites from paita, got sealed in the temple, in ecuador! I couldnt hold back the tears as I read that! It was incredible being part of their baptism, but hearing that they are now eternally sealed together, Olga, bernabe, gustavo, jhairo, solay, diego, y elsa, for the eternities, just made my joy so much greater! I am so thankful for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and know it is true. I know that families can be together forever! I cant wait for the temple in Trujillo to be finished next year! So many more people will be able to go to the temple! It will only cost 30 soles, and take 3 or 4 hours! mas o menos 10 dollars. what a blessing! The work of salvation is hastening! 

This are going well here in Talara. Some members have started going through different trials and problems, and i know that satan is trying to tear apart these families. We are praying hard, and doing all we can to be instruments in teh hands of God to help all these sweet members and people here in talara! Keep them in your prayers. 

We had an incredible experience with Elder Grow! He came to our mission again and I was able to feel the spirit so strong. He taught us through his heart and the spirit, and said some things that really were able to touch my heart. I know Jesus Christ is who leads the is work, no one else, and that we are to do all we can to do it how he needs it to be done. We are making changes and increasing in faith as we keep inviting others to come to Christ!

I love going out with Rosa Manrique, she is a member who is so faithful. She said, ¨dont waste your time in your youth, the time goes fast.¨Welll,rosa, we are not wasting time! We need to do all we can all day and the Lord will raise us up higher. Love yall lots. here is an inspired poem i wrote from pres uchdorfs talk.

If i want it, get it
If I have it, share it,
If I believe it, be it
If I am it, love it!

Love yall lots and lots and lots.
havea  great week!

hna Garlick

ps dont send packages, they are all getting stuck in lima! but they said letters should still get all the way up here to piura. :)

ps we had a show de talentos and I played the piano for the elders playing the guitar, armies of helaman! it was great!

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