Monday, October 27, 2014

We Can Take the Heat!

Mi familia!

It has been another great week! I love serving here in Talara, tierra del oro negro. :) My area or companion may not have changed, but there have been other changes! We rearranged our whole room, so that was fun, I felt like you makell. :) Its also getting hot again! But Im prepared and ready to drink lots of water. afterall doing gymnastics in the old non-AC gym on longmire sure helped me get prepared for this .:) Also, hna Meisel is the hna leader this transfer here in talara! Im so thnakful for this time I had to serve and am so happy for hna meisel, shes so great. She is also training too! A new sister from ecuador! 

Things re moving along here in Talara! We are doing divisions with the sisters  from both branches to help them do their visiting teaching! It´s helping lots to get them out there and get them motivated. I shared in relief society about the example of you mom, in going to Snook and never missing your visits. I sure hope it could help motivate them, because it sure motivates me. :) 

Sunday la familia olaya came to church!!! for the first time all together. Ana, is member, and her husband is reynaldo, and he isnt! but they still are not married but are working on that. Reynaldo asked so many questions in the classes and I am so thankful for this miracle that they came! after 4 months, they came! we were so happy. :) 

This week was carlos zapatas´s birthday! we bought him a doña pepa and sang to him. its a dessert they eat here in october! its good. 

Well, ready for another great week! Im so thankful to be a servant of the Lord. Find new ways each day to share the light of Christ! I know each one of us are needed. 

love yall soo much!
hna Garlick

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