Tuesday, November 25, 2014

His Path Takes Us Safely Home!


What a miracle filled week. I really feel like Mormón right now..I cant even right the hundreth part of how I feel or the miracles and blessings I have taken part in. But I will just have to tell yall all about it next week. :)

Today I had just about the most fun pday activity in all of my mission, a great big water balloon fight with the whole zone! Of course Hermana Macías and I got the most wet. It was sure fun and a great day to spend my last pday in Talara. :) 

We are ALL children of God, and he loves ALL of us, despite our weaknesses and defects. That truth has been testified to me over and over again this week and for this past 18 months as weve talked to and encountered homeless, drunk, or lonely people. People who dont have anything. He loves all of us, and I know that he has a plan. We all have his love. 

So we have really been putting to practice what Elder Evans taught us last week. Talking WITH and not TO people, and remembering the need for repentance, personally and with our investigators. If they are not invited to repent, they will go from faith to baptism, missing that crucial change of heart. Repenting is something we need to do everyday. Im so thankful for it!

Fasting and prayer really works. My dear companion has really taught me that. The other night our companionship prayer lasted 30 minutes! She is a real example of faith. We need help, guidance, and cant do this on our own. Asking God is an act of humility that leads us in the path.  

We started talking to Fabiolla in the street, and she is a Jehovas Witness. She was so loving and asked us lots of questions. It turns out she had been to the church before, but after assisting at every other church possible, decided that her current church is true. It was obvious she didnt want us to go visit her, but she had mentioned her mom while we were talking, that she doesnt attend any church, and that she is searching for the truth. So we asked to visit her mom Nelly! She said yes, since she wants her to be happy and find what is right for her. But she said to not tell her that she sent us.  We ended up going a few days later, and at first she didnt want to receive us. She was this cute older lady with gray and black hair. We got talking and testified for the restored gospel. She asked, ïs it necessary to have a church to be saved?¨We talked about saving ordinances such as baptism, and how that was necessary to return to live in the presence of God. Her face changed a little, the spirit had touched her heart, and well she let us in! She cried telling us of life experiences, and well we are going back. :) I am so thankful for that experience. 

I aboslutely know we have a prophet of God on earth! His name is Thomas S. Monson. I love his talk from conference, ¨ponder the path of thy feet.¨ He talks about how Christ had to walk the paths of temptation, disappointment, and pain. We also have to walk these paths to become like him. I sure have walked these paths on the mission, and am forever thankful for it. Because without these experiences, I would never have been able to feel such great joy. The path Christ showed us leads us safely home. We just have to keep enduring through it all, and enjoying all of it! I know my path will be leading me home to college station real soon. It breaks my heart to leave these people I have grown to love so deeply for the past year and a half. But I know they are in good hands, God´s hands. Part of my heart will always be here in Peru!

Id love to tell yall all about Lila, Roberto, Y Andy, but I´ve just ran out of time. Dont worry, it´s all in my Journal. :)

It still isnt sinking in that this is really my last week here in Peru. Im sure giving each day all I´ve got, and know that we will find families this week that will be perpared to receive the resotred gospel in their lives. Time to go out and find them!

Im sure thankful for everyone of you. Have a wonderful thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for. Especially to be part of the restored church of jesus Christ. Lets go tell everyone about it.

Los amo más que todo!!!
nos vemos.
Hermana A E Garlick

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