Tuesday, November 11, 2014

La obra del Senor es majestuosa

MI querida familia,

Did yall know how much I love being a missionary?! Well I do! It´s so sweet and special and has been going by so fast. The work of the lord is magestic! :) This week was full of miracles like usual and here are a few of them!

First we had interviews with Presidente Rowley, and I always love those, because I always come out so much better! Presidente Rowley has a way at looking into your eyes, but he looks further than that, and through the spirit knows exaclty what to say. He asked me if there was anything on my mind, and I told him my great desire to help these two branch presidents and these branches. He told me the best way I can help them is to find new families who are prepared to receive the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I love that and that´s what we are doing!

Juan and Nelly have been doing really great! They are a family who has been inactive but want to return to the church! They came to church and Juan said he called his sister to tell her. He hadnt been to church in 7 years, and his sister said, what disease has hit peru! haha I know what disease it is, its the spirit! It was an incredible experience finding them. Through a prayer of faith in teh street, hna Macias and I were led to knock their door! I know that the power prayer works, and faith is the factor that makes it function. 

Also, Liliana came to church out of the blue! She is Evangelica, (im not too sure how to say that in ingles..) and well lets just say we were so surprised to see her because she barely had time for us when we went,and only taught for about 10 minutes because she was making lunch. Well, she just loved church, and greeted EVERYONE. I loved it! She participated in the classes too, and well just wants to learn more! Shes tall and has a big powerful voice, and I hope she keeps progressing because I know she would just make an incredible member. She said she has a leadership posisitin in her church ¨puerta estrecha y angosta¨and well it ends in December. So she said in january she can join the church :) I sure hope she does! She was a reference from members too, so keep giving references to the missionaries!  We are so thankful for those!! 

Elder David F. Evans is coming to our mission Saturday! Im so so excited! We are reading one of his talks to prepare. It´s called, ¨was it worth it?¨and this is my favorite part--
¨If we will pray and ask Heavenly Father who we can help and promise to act on the promptings He gives us letting us know how we can help, He will answer our prayers.¨ -
So consider yourselves invited by a setenta to pray in faith to help someone this week, and you will be guided! Im doing it too :) Write me what happens this week! We helped a lady carry two sacks of bannanas the other day, hopefully this week we can find someone to help again. :)

Los amo muchísimo!
Hna Garlick

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