Monday, November 3, 2014

Now I'm willing and I accept!

My dear family!

It has been a great week!  Full of miracles, the spirit, new investigators, lots of new ideas and christmas decorations? what??! That came fast. This week was Canción Criolla, on halloween, a celebration of the music of Peru! I really want to learn all of these peruivian dances one day. But until then, we have been able to find new families and are seeing progress in the branches. Little by little. The leaders from both branches have been feeling alone lately, so we have been supporting them more and finding new ways to serve and help. Oh, and it was also día de los muertos! Everyone went to the cemetary and traveled back to their home lands if they have moved. They have parties there all night!  Im glad we live far from the cemetary. 

 I have really been focusing on the gifts of the spirit and being worthy of them, and it has been incredible to feel how much more I have felt the spirit working through me as I constantly strive after those gits. In our district meeting we talked about them, and one thing that came to my mind was that when we obtain more gifts of the spirit, we are better able to help others to obtain them as well. I had the opportuinity to help Rene do her visiting teaching, and afterwards she was so sweet. She said, ÿou are so spiritual, I ahve never been so guided by the spirit in a visit before.¨ Well, it wasnt me, it was the spirit, and it was awesome that she was able to recognize that!

One great miracle was how we were led to Consuelo (that means comfort.) and her three kids. Well our message sure can bring her consuelo! :) Her daughter had attended church before, and they are suffering trials right now with the separation of her husband. When we walked by the door I felt a surge of the spirit guiding me there. They are super interested and she says that she will be baptized when she knows all this is true! I love finding people who really truly have a desire to change and to come to know what we teach is true! 

The other miracles we have seen are helping to complete part member families. Through our recent converts and less actives and asking for references always, we have so much more work to do! I love it. Im so thankful for this great work and I know that there is so much more work through the spirit to do here in this lovely month of November! Im ready to do it! We have been teaching Carlos Zapata´s kids! Jesus (14) and Marryanngel (10). they both live with their mom, who is evangelica and doenst want to listen to us, but she says her kids can. Carlos lives a few streets away, and he takes them to churhc with him and its the greatest. Really the reason why they started listening to us was thanks to two way great other recent converts, Fernando and Kristofer maldonado! They just went over to his house and told him how cool the gospel was, and finding those two friends was what made him loose any fear in coming to chruch! When we were teaching him, he said yes to being baptized right away! I sure hope Ill be here for that, but if not thats ok too. I am just so blessed to be part of this conversion process for these great families! I love in the distric videos we watch, when German is invited to be baptized. He says, ¨Im willing, and I accept!¨That´s how it went with Jesus. It was so sweet. He has such great questions and knows these things are true! He said the day after he prayed, his day just went really good, and he feels like that was his answer. He is going to be a great missionary one day! :)

Recently I´ve been reading entries from my journal in the mtc! ha it is so great, I really have grown so much and what I thought was hard back then, well really isn´t at all. I was also reading when I got set apart, and the advice President Prier gave me to laser focus in on part member families. I have really seen how I have been able to do this throughout the mission, and right now especially! Completeing families is just as important as finding and baptizing them! So that is what we will keep doing. 

We had a neat experience with Rosa! She is a less active member, who for one reason or antther has hardened her heart against the chruch. We went with the spirit, and have tried about 10 times to visit her without success, and well she received us! And what did we do, we just listened with love! That was what she needed. And well, we found out her reason for leaving the church wasnt what anyone thought it was at all, and through listening through the spirit we were able to find out more and know how to help her! I´m so thankful for the guidance of the spirit! 

So that´s whats going on with me. October really flew by! The other night when I was pondering before prayer, I was reminded of a fun memory! I remembered how with Nate we would make animation videos out of play dough! I remember how once we made this really awesome video. With animals and everything and it was just really cool. We would press play, then pause fast, and then move the play dough a little. Then keep going until when you watch it, it looks like it is moving all by itself. Well, taht once was really sad, because whne we were all done and ready to watch it, nothing came up!! what happened??? we hadnt pushed down the button long enough to let it record anything! So instead of having an awesome video to watch, we had nothing. I thought about how life is kind of like that. Sometimes we ahve days we dont push down the putton for long enough. And then when we get to the end, we miss everything! That´s why its so important to live in today. not yesterday, not tomorrow, but today! because today is the day we choose to make memories that will last for eternity. So I hope all yall including me can keep pushing down the button for enough time to really see what matters most adn to make memories that will last for forever. :)

Bueno. Espero que todavía puedan entender mi ingles. jaja. Estoy tan agradecida por el evangelio de Jesucristo y por mi llamamiento como misionera. Me encanta que dice en Doctrinas y convenios 33¨:6´-12. He ayunado y orado para llegar a ser una misionera así! Espero que todos puedan esforzar aún más a compartir sus testimonies con todos! Yo sé que Cristo vive, y que este es la iglesia verdadera. No tengo ninguna duda de mi corazón! Los amo mucho! Juntos podemos hacer cualquier cosa si confiamos en nuestro Salvador. Venga lo que venga, disfrútalo! 

I love yall tons!
Hermana Garlick

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